Welcome to www.paulownia.ws

The beginning of the cultivation of Paulownia in Spain has been somewhat uncertain and self-taught to the few people who found it sufficient economic advantages to undertake this adventure.

This is the reason I have felt the need to create this website, to collect and carry out a collection more or less serious and comprehensive information, taken from the Internet, producers and growers of Paulownia, and my personal experience with these fast growing trees.

The information in this website will be mainly be related to the use of the Paulownia wood, although that tree will undoubtedly have a significant impact for obtaining biomass, due to rapid growth and the relative need on water for their development. I will not miss the opportunity to enumerate the environmental advantages and other uses of Paulownia, as for example the production of quality honey.

On a personal level, working with the Paulownia has led a very enriching experience for me in many ways, not only be able to deal with almost the perfect tree for the current environmental needs, but also discover the importance of certain trees can have on the culture of other peoples. Perhaps it may be the time to pick up certain attitudes towards our roots and make a more rational use of resources available to us.

If the pressure on the native and primary forests continues at the current pace, we will be without recourse to the brink of the worst. An effective response is to plant trees with economic advantage to reduce the devastation that are suffering the forests to supply the demand for wood. This I don't believe it would be possible without the participation of the rural world, with a new culture of trees, a kind of social forestry and the integration of trees into the traditional cropping system, complementing the rural economy.

The wager on Paulownia trees is clear, not only in Europe but also the rest of the world. The Paulownia is not the unique solution, is not alone, there are other trees and each of us should find his own. As I said before, we need a new culture of the tree, a new consciousness of the world we live in as the dream of Elz√©ard Bouffier, protagonist of the story "The man who planted trees" de Jean  Giono.